Medford Area

“Making Futures Bright”

The heart of life in Medford is home and family. Ours is a city run with input from its citizens for the betterment of its citizens. Here, there’s a community-wide commitment to the issues that touch us all: education, safety, quality health care and abundant leisure and recreation activities centered in our spacious, well-maintained parks. A drive down any of Medford’s city streets will convey, far better than words alone, the old-fashioned values of pride, hard work and selflessness that have found a permanent home in our very progressive city.

The City of Medford has 2 industrial parks containing 187 acres. Currently there are approximately 40 acres of industrial space available all with direct access to sewer, water, natural gas and electricity. There is one privately owned 8500 sq. ft. insulated block industrial building for sale. Medford offers businesses and industries a variety of incentives to encourage economic development. The city has three tax incremental financing districts to help provide municipal and infrastructure improvements. The city is eligible for Community Development funding to provide direct assistance to industries which create new jobs. As an incentive, the city will reduce the purchase price of land by an amount equal to four times the square footage of the industrial building. It also has a local Revolving Loan Fund and when fully capitalized will provide up to $500,000 for industrial development at below market interest rates. In addition, the Medford Development Foundation will finance up to 90% of the cost of land and building for qualified industries.

Passion for Excellence, Compassion for People Every year, many outstanding physicians, nurses, therapists, and specialists are drawn to Medford’s unique lifestyle and the opportunity it offers to practice medicine in a very personal way. Aspirus Medford Hosptial & Clinics (, is a Level III Trauma Care Hospital with emergency room physicians onsite 24/7. It has over 60 specialists and surgeons on-staff; is a satellite of the award-winning Aspirus Heart & Vascular Institute, and excels in the health care services of Primary Care, Women’s Health, Surgical Services, and Cancer Care. Aspirus offers comprehensive primary care through its clinics in Abbotsford, Gilman, Medford, Phillips, Prentice, and Rib Lake. It has an after-hours walk-in clinic – open 7 days a week, therapy centers in Prentice and Medford; a dialysis center; public fitness center and retail pharmacy in Medford. Our seniors receive the best services through Aspirus’ independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing services and memory care programs.

While major urban systems struggle to “get back to basics”, the commitment to educational essentials has never wavered in Medford’s exemplary public and parochial schools. Class size is small, teachers are innovative and enthusiastic, and parents are full partners in the learning process. Beyond classroom walls, teachers open the students’ minds to the arts and humanities and the lessons of discipline, dedication and sportsmanship provided by extracurricular activities. Northcentral Technical College and the Taylor County Cooperative Extension serve our adult population with a wide range of courses designed to provide career training, teach vital home and family management skills, and satisfy the lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Medford’s diverse industrial base is both the foundation of its current stability and a springboard for future growth. An economic hub for the region, our local population doubles each day with an influx of office, retail and factory workers, government personnel, students and shoppers. Medford’s expanding commercial district has welcomed dozens of new retail stores and specialty shops in the past few years, as well as supporting five car dealerships and other major durable goods outlets.

Medford, with a strong foundation built around small town values and ideals, maintains a high quality of life for its citizens. At the same time, through its educational strengths, cultural diversity and economic opportunities, the Medford community provides the tools necessary to meet the challenges of the future and continued progressive growth – “making futures bright.”