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Contact: Jorn Mogensen
Work N3472 Grahl Drive Medford WI 54451 Home Phone: 715-748-2145 Website: http://www.daviddittrich.com/contact-us.html
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A & M Dittrich Mink Farm is located at N3472 Grahl Drive in Medford, WI.  We can be contacted by calling 715-748-2145 or go to our website at   http://www.daviddittrich.com/contact-us.html .

Based on our“Center of Excellence Model” for mink production, we are committed to raising our mink in the highest standards and in an ethical manner.  A & M Dittrich Mink Farm Inc. has received the Fur Farm Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding care of farm raised mink, and a commitment to uphold these standards and guidelines of the Fur Commission USA Animal Welfare Committee.

Our Mission is to reflect on the past when furs were timeless, classic and unforgettable and embrace the modern era in the production of consistent high-end quality North American mink.

The David Dittrich Label stands in a class of its own! We are a Center of Excellence for mink production in North America with the capacity to secure superior quality and quantity to give you a uniformed fur collection.  We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism in the industry and guarantee the quality of our fur.

Lifestyle isn’t just about the mink we raise, it is about beliefs and values in what we do. It is passed down through generations; ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. The Dittrich family legacy continues to this day in the acclaimed Mink Capital of the World, as the grandson’s mink farms are still in operation.  It is our lasting “Legacy”! In January of 2009, David Dittrich sold his farm to the Van Ansem family. Like the Dittrich family, the Van Ansem family also celebrates three generations of mink farmers. Today the mink ranch is one of the largest in America, producing high quality selections of black mink, as well as white, pearl, palomino, mahogany, brown, silver blue and cross.

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