Relocation Information

The Chamber of Commerce is a great place to find information on the area for vacation or relocation purposes. Below are listed some of the informational packets that we have available to be sent to you or for you to stop by the office and pick up:


  • summer vacation packets
  • winter vacation packets
  • motel/restaurant information
  • relocation packets
  • school projects
  • ATV maps & registrations
  • snowmobile trail maps & registrations
  • boat registrations


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  • area demographics and business information
  • area clubs/organizations
  • church directory
  • child care providers
  • city, county and state maps
  • calendar of events
  • Wisconsin state information
  • various county/city information throughout the state


To receive any of these prepared packets or any other information please fill out our information request form. Please e-mail us if you’d like to make suggestions or comments about the information found on our web site or other services we provide

[toggle type=”white” title=”Rental Units/Apartments”]

Riverview Village Apartments
(Low Income Housing)
346 South Main St Medford 715-748-2759
Allman Park Apartments/Condos
Kurt Larson
E. Allman Street, Medford 715-497-6161
Frey Shelter Apartments
Karen Peche
225 Marjorie Lane, Medford 715-748-9765
Meadow Square Townhouses
Meridian Group, Inc. (low income)
524 N. 2nd Street, Medford 715-748-2759
Spencer Rentals
Dee Spencer
704 E. Perkins Street, Medford 715-748-2982
ADA Deer Manor 820 River Drive, Medford 715-357-3334

[toggle type=”white” title=”Mobile Home Parks”]

Mink Capital Terrace MCT #25, Medford 715-965-6501
Pebble Valley
Doug Thums
Rib Lake 715-748-6683
Riverside Terrace
Jim Metz
124 Riverside Terrace, Medford 715-748-0740


[toggle type=”white” title=”Elderly Housing Apartments”]

Centennial Apartments 132 S. 7th Street, Medford 715-748-6962
Riverview Village Apartments 346 S. Main St, Medford 715-748-2759
Rib Lake
Hometown Village
Meridian Group, Inc.
630 Hwy 102, Rib Lake 715-748-2759
Woodridge Apartments 939 High Street, Rib Lake 715-427-5876
Davlin Village Apartments
Meridian Group, Inc.
155 E. Davlin, Gilman 715-748-2759
Riverwood 120 S. Wells Street, Gilman 715-669-5445


[toggle type=”white” title=”Assisted Living Apartments”]

Cedar Court Apartments
Aspirus Medford
135 Gibson Street, Medford 715-748-8100
Aspirus Country Gardens Assisted Living
Jenn Viergutz
636 Cedar Street, Medford 715-748-8855
Care Partners Assisted Living 955 E. Allman St, Medford 715-748-2114
Aspirus Care & Rehab 135 S. Gibson Street, Medford 715-748-8184
Our House Senior Living 1014 W. Broadway, Medford 715-748-2901


[toggle type=”white” title=”Real Estate Agencies”]

Century 21/Dairyland Realty North 575 W. Broadway Avenue, Medford 715-748-5700
Dixon Greiner Realty 821 S. 8th Street, Medford 715-748-2258
Exit Realty 741 E. Broadway, Medford 715-748-1364